Elementary School Resources

Teaching children the importance of clean water today will ensure responsible use and proper protection for the future. We have created and collected engaging resources for children, parents and teachers to help raise awareness on all things water and wastewater. Allow Peter Potty to introduce the material below!

peterpotty - Copy
Peter Potty: Hello! I’m Peter Potty and I have so much to share with you. I love helping people stay healthy by fighting contamination with sanitation. However, it’s not always easy being this good at my job, flushing. It gives people the impression anything can be flushed! Did you know only the 3 P’s should be flushed? The 3 P's are poo, pee, and toilet paper. Anything else, such as paper towels, “flushable” wipes, feminine products, etc. should all go in the trash. If not, it could damage your pipes at home, disrupt the wastewater projects and give me a big stomach ache too. As a reminder, you can print me out and put me somewhere you’ll need to remember!

Water for Texas Coloring Book:
With so many easy facts and tips about water in this booklet, you’ll be a water-conserving expert and a proud Texan once you’re done! There are also lots of games and fun characters to color while you learn.
Water for Texas PDF

Aquatic Life Activity Book: Want to learn more about different types of aquatic life in our rivers? From snails to fish, you can gain a scientist’s perspective of what makes these species unique through games and coloring! Our kid's activity book is best suited for children up to third grade.
Aquatic Life Activity Book PDF

Water Filter Building: Challenge your students to build their own water filter. This hands-on activity can be brought to the classroom as we guide students through the experimentation process to discover what material will best clean our “dirty” water.

Program Requests: At TRA, we work with schools and communities to help foster the learning of students by introducing diversity in education and skills at TRA. Send your program requests to the communications department and we will reach out.

Art Contest: Our annual art contest calls on first through eighth-grade students who live in the Trinity River basin to create original, unique artwork related to each year's designated theme. A winner from each grade, with one named the grand prize winner, is chosen by a panel of judges made up of water and wastewater professionals. Winners are invited to attend one of our board of director’s meeting where they are recognized and receive a certificate and keepsakes showcasing their winning artwork.
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Learn More

Take Care of Texas- Children: https://takecareoftexas.org/children

Texas Water Development Board- Children: http://www.twdb.texas.gov/conservation/education/children/index.asp

Water IQ: https://wateriq.org/index.html

Water Environment Federation: https://www.wef.org/resources/for-the-public/k-12-resources/

Reading Corner

“Why Should I Save Water” by Jen Green
“A Drop Around the World” by Barbara Shaw McKinney
“You Wouldn’t Want to Live Without Clean Water” by Roger Canavan
“Water, Up, Down, and All Around” by Natalie Myra Rosinsky
“The Drop in My Drink” The Story of Water on Our planet” by Meredith Hooper
“Ethan the Raindrop” by Sean Patrick Guidera
“Watch Over Our Water” by Lisa Bullard

Why Should I Save Water by Jen Green         

A Drop Around the World by Barbara Shaw McKinney 

You Wouldn't Want to Live Without Water by Roger Canavan

Water Up, Down, and All Aroud by Natalie M. Rosinsky The Drop in my Drink, The Sotry of Water on our Planet by Meredeith Hooper    Ethan the Raindrop by Sean Patrick Guidera Watch Over Our Water by Lisa Bullard