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As our older students start to approach the age of joining the workforce or picking a major in college, we’d like to offer help and direction for their new endeavors. Our talent is diverse at TRA from project operators, mechanics, scientists to office accountants, lawyers, and engineers. So, we not only have a variety of careers to showcase but, we are a company that can show students how they work together too.

Tours: We encourage teachers to consider taking their students on a tour of our water and wastewater facilities; the tour will provide older students with first-hand knowledge of the industry and the variety of careers that play a part in its success. 
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Internships: Students can check our careers page for internships pertaining to their area of interest. If you do not see internships or the department that interests you, please check again at a later time for future openings. In the meantime, you can learn more about us through our website and follow us on social media!
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