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TRA's Central Regional Wastewater System is the third largest wastewater treatment plant in Texas.

Watershed Protection

The Trinity River Authority is a partner in the Village Creek-Lake Arlington Watershed Protection Partnership. A watershed is the land area that drains water to a common point such as a stream, river, lake, wetland, or ocean. Watersheds can be very small, such as part of a park that drains to the creek in your neighborhood. Many of these small watersheds combine to form much larger watersheds, such as major river basins that drain large portions of states, and in some cases, cover large portions of countries or continents. For example, several sub-watersheds make up the Village Creek watershed, which is itself part of the Trinity River basin.

No matter where you are on the Earth, you’re in a watershed. As runoff water from storms flows across the landscape, it picks up and carries sediment and various other substances as it flows to a waterway. This means that everything we do on the land affects both water quality and quantity, and the cumulative effects can impact the function and health of the whole watershed.

Watershed Reports and Documents


Reports & Documents