Flood Predicting and Reporting

The West Gulf River Forecast Center, operated by the National Weather Service, uses data from a variety of sources to forecast flooding in the Trinity River basin.  These forecasts result in predicted flood categories, which are indicative of the severity of expected flooding. They range from “No Flooding” to Major Flooding” depending upon the impact high water is expected to have on communities. This includes roads and structures that are inundated.  To help refine the accuracy of these flood categories, the Trinity River Authority has partnered with the National Weather Service to produce a flood incident reporting tool.  This intuitive, online tool allows anyone with a smart device to capture pictures of flooding and report the incident. These reports will, in turn, be used to refine the flood categories for the Trinity basin.

West Gulf River Forecast Center (https://www.weather.gov/wgrfc/)

Flood Incident Reporting Tool (https://www.arcgis.com/apps/CrowdsourceReporter/index.html?appid=12163e8e142743cf84e134c38d10ea1a&webmap=f0c21a1f7e69402e8b3eef6294995b02&layer=Flood_Assessment_Report_9231)      

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