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Located near the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, Lake Lewisville is believed to be one of the most heavily used reservoirs in Texas, if not the nation, for recreation.

Basin Planning

Planning and Environmental Management 

One of TRA's statutory mandates is to prepare and maintain a master plan for responsible water use and reclamation.  TRA completed its first master plan in 1958 and revises it as needed — the current Trinity River Authority Master Plan presents the most updated vision for a healthy river basin.

Soon after its inception in 1955, TRA became active in federal, state and regional efforts to ensure water supply, flood control and recreation facilities throughout the Trinity River basin.  To that end, TRA has worked in tandem with various implementing agencies, including serving as local sponsor for several U.S. Army Corps of Engineers projects such as Bardwell Lake, Joe Pool Lake, Navarro Mills Lake and the Wallisville Saltwater Barrier Project.

TRA has also been active in the preparation and maintenance of the Texas Water Plan since the 1960s, and since 1997, TRA has been instrumental in regional water planning required by Senate Bill 1.  The majority (81%) of the Trinity River basin falls into Region C, including Dallas/Fort Worth, and Region H, which includes the Houston metropolitan area. 

In addition, TRA's former general manager and its former senior manager of planning and environmental management served on the stakeholder committee and expert science team created by 2007's Senate Bill 3 to recommend flows and inflows for all watersheds draining to Galveston Bay.

While TRA is a leader in planning for a healthy river basin, TRA does not control permitting or water rights issues — those duties are fulfilled by various state agencies.  Instead, TRA coordinates with other entities, mostly municipalities, to implement water-related programs that serve the needs of Texas residents.