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The Texas legislature established the Texas Clean Rivers Program in 1991 to provide a systematic, coordinated effort to evaluate and protect Texas’ water resources.

Maps & Data

Watershed Maps

watershed boundary          municipal bound
  Watershed Boundary                         Municipal Boundary

land use          cover use
          2013 NCTCOG Land Use                             2016 NLCD Land Cover

Water Quality Monitoring Data
See Reports and Documents HERE.

USGS National Water Information System

View rainfall and flow data by selecting a station on the map

View daily data for the Mountain Creek gage
View daily data for the Walnut Creek gage 

TCEQ Surface Water Quality Data Viewers

   2                       3
    View water quality data by                    View TCEQ assessment units
selecting a station on the map           and 303(d) impaired water bodies.

Water Quality Modeling Data

Interactive ArcGis WebMap with potential E.coli loadings for each subwatershed in Joe Pool Lake Watershed. Toggle between potential pollutant sources.

Interactive SELECT developed for Joe Pool Lake Watershed that identifies and estimates potential pathogen loads from various fecal sources in subwatersheds.

Interactive HAWQS developed for Joe Pool Lake Watershed that provides users with interactive web interfaces and maps; pre-loaded input data; outputs that include tables, charts, and raw output data; a user guide, and online development, execution, and storage of a user's modeling projects.