Implementation Projects

 Installing Trash Barriers in Village Creek Lake Arlington Watershed and Fort Worth Parks (TX)

This project is funded by National Fish and Wildlife Foundation – Five Star and Urban Waters Restoration Program. Trinity River Authority, UpSpire, University of Texas at Arlington, and Tarrant Regional Water District have contributed in-kind matching funds. It includes plans to purchase, install and maintain multiple trash barriers at highly visible and heavily littered locations within Village Creek Lake Arlington (VCLA) Watershed and the City of Fort Worth Parks. This will aid in the expansion of the UpSpire Waterways litter prevention program, increase community engagement and restore 21,128 acres of VCLA watershed and 807 acres within the City of Fort Worth. Up to 1,332 lbs. of trash will be removed from the area per month.
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Watergoat Installation Process

TRA has identified and installed Watergoats at 10 sites. A Watergoat is a floating boom device that creates a barrier to prevent trash from clogging creeks, ponds, stormwater outfalls and other bodies of water. They offer an efficient means of capturing small floating litter and debris before it continues downstream, keeping parks and waterways clean. UpSpire’s Waterways Crew is invested in keeping the parks and waterways around the greater Fort Worth community clear of unsightly litter. Scoops, hooks, and nets are used to easily remove debris after being collected by the Watergoats. TRA will continue to monitor the sites regularly and conduct a litter source assessment survey. This partnership will directly engage a diverse group of upstream and downstream communities to achieve ecological and specific educational outcomes by hosting litter cleanups and by providing information through newsletters, social media, email and signage at the Watergoat locations.

The survey results are updated regularly and can be found by clicking the map below:

webmap pdf
Click here for more information on the city of Fort Worth's Watergoat Project.
Below you will find photos from each site before and after installation as well as a photo of the Watergoats collecting debris after inclement weather.

Site 1: Village Creek at Kennedale Parkway (relocated upstream)

Site 1_20220516 (3) - Copy - Copy     Site 1(b)     

Site 1: Village Creek at Everman Kennedale Rd

Site 1 Everman kennedale - Copy (3)     Site 1 Everman kennedale (2) - Copy

Site 2: Prairie Creek at 820 (relocated upstream) 

Site 2(c)     Site 2_20220516 (3) - Copy (2) - Copy - Copy     20220525_site 2(c) - Copy

Site 2: Prairie Creek at S 820

Site 2 Prairie Creek - Copy     Site 2 Prairie Creek (2) - Copy (2)

Site 3: Wildcat Branch
Site 3(b) - Copy     Site 3 (2) - Copy     20220525_Site 3 - Copy
Site 4: Eastland Creek Upstream
Site 4 - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy     Site 4 after - Copy     20220525_Site 4 - Copy
Site 5: Eugene McCray Park (removed) 
Site 5 - Copy - Copy     site 5 after - Copy     20220525_Site 5 (b) - Copy

Site 5: E Rosedale at S 820

Site 5 E Rosedale - Copy     Site 5 E Rosedale (2) - Copy (3) - Copy - Copy

Site 6: Cobb Park (relocated downstream) 
Site 6 - Copy     Site 6 (5) - Copy     IMG-3583_Site 6 - Copy   

Site 6 Cobb Park watergoat with trash - Copy     Site 6 Cobb Park watergoat no trash - Copy
Site 7: Echo Lake
Site 7(b) - Copy     Site 7 (3) - Copy     20220525_Site 7(c) - Copy - Copy - Copy
Site 8: Krauss Baker Park
Site 8(d) - Copy     Site 8 (4) - Copy     20220525_Site 8 - Copy - Copy - Copy
Site 9: Fossil Creek at Broadway (removed) 
Site 9... - Copy     Site 9 aftert - Copy     20220525_Site 9 - Copy

Site 9: Trail Drivers Park

Site 9 Trail Drivers Park watergoat install - Copy     Site 9 Trail Drivers Park watergoat with trash - Copy

Site 10: Marine Creek at Stockyards
Site 10(b) - Copy     Site 10 - Copy     20220525_Site 10(a) - Copy

Litter Abatement Resources


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Contact Us

To report a Watergoat that needs maintenance, contact or 817-392-1234.
For additional information, please contact Heather Firn at (817) 467-4343 or