Story Ideas

Water and wastewater are not big conversation starters, but they should be. If they were personas, it is fair to say that water is the king and wastewater is queen of everyday life. Water that we use can also be seen as the glue that binds all things together. Reclaiming that used water happens around-the-clock at TRA's wastewater treatment facilities.

So, what’s the story here? Let’s start with 10 topic possibilities:

  1. North Texas is a wasteland without water
  2. The importance of wastewater treatment
  3. The water industry needs you: replacing an aging employee sector
  4. Infrastructure that struggles to deliver
  5. Is my water safe?
  6. TRA’s upperclassmen
  7. Diversity gets the job done
  8. Burgeoning wipes are clogging our pipes
  9. Droughts, flooding
  10. Essential services come with a cost