Strategic Plan

Empowering the Trinity Basinn

The Trinity River Authority 2019-2024 Strategic Plan

The Trinity River Authority of Texas is an innovative, adaptive leader, enriching the Trinity basin as a resource for Texans.

The Trinity River Authority’s mission is to promote conservation, reclamation, protection and development of the natural resources of the river basin for the benefit of the public.

Core Values

  • Integrity in all things
  • Service and performance excellence
  • Accountability to the public, customers and to each other
  • Teamwork
  • Professionalism

Our Strategic Goals and Objectives

GOAL 1: The Trinity River Authority proactively engages in initiatives that foster a robust talent pipeline.

Employees are the foundation of the Trinity River Authority’s current and future success. Employee satisfaction stems from a strong feeling of camaraderie, generous benefits, and rewarding work, but a competitive job market and the organization’s strive toward excellence requires a deeper look into how the organization recruits, develops, retains, and rewards its employees.

1.1 Recruit top talent to TRA.
1.2 Develop clear career pathways for TRA employees.
1.3 Retain and reward top talent

GOAL 2: The Trinity River Authority leverages the full breadth of its powers for the betterment of the basin and organization.

Feedback gathered through customer surveys and focus groups revealed a high level of satisfaction for the products and services offered by the Trinity River Authority. Rooted in a solid foundation of research and strengthened further by the TRA’s powerful network, the following projects, positions, processes, and partnerships demonstrate how TRA can leverage its existing role, as authorized by the enabling legislation set forth by the State of Texas, for the betterment of the basin and the organization.

2.1 Proactively advocate and respond to the regulatory environment, using TRA’s robust data, research, and expertise.
2.2 Develop all authorized business lines for the benefit of the Trinity basin.
2.3 Continue to build strong partnerships along the Trinity basin.

GOAL 3: The Trinity River Authority strengthens its reputation and reach through stronger engagement with its team and the Trinity basin.

The Trinity River Authority was created to enrich the Trinity basin as a resource for Texans. Engaging those communities, as well as its leadership and staff in the future of the organization and basin will take dedicated efforts in listening to those parties and providing them with access to the resources they need to thrive. In addition to a robust outflow of communication, this Strategic Plan encourages increased inflow of communication from customer communities, employees, and TRA leadership.

3.1 Foster robust employee engagement.
3.2 Strengthen engagement of TRA leadership.
3.3 Connect with stakeholders along the Trinity basin.

GOAL 4: The Trinity River Authority stands for excellence in all things.

The Trinity River Authority seeks to raise its profile of excellence among water authorities in the State of Texas and beyond through a solid dedication to the initiatives set forth in this Plan to foster talent, leverage powers, and create stronger engagement across the organization and Trinity basin. While a culture of excellence starts with leadership, it must be valued and upheld by every employee and stakeholder of the organization. Successfully doing so will require dynamic flows of communication, robust metrics and benchmarks, and an overall focus on empowerment.

4.1 Continue fostering a culture of excellence and innovation within the organization.
4.2 Develop tools to measure success.
4.3 Continue to build upon TRA’s strong reputation.