About the Project

In the spring of 2023, Trinity River Authority launched a new project to capture the stories and the legacies of its longest-serving employees through conversational interviews. Through a partnership with Sam Houston State University, we were able to record twelve interviews of current and retired TRA employees in a span of three months. This partnership provided a foundation for what we hope becomes a consistent practice within the Authority to document the historical significance of the work accomplished by the Authority and its employees.

The goals of this project are to preserve the history of the Authority as experienced by its employees, through interviews that will be permanently preserved, to capture a piece of the irreplaceable knowledge and wisdom held by these individuals, and to curate a collection which honors the legacy of the men and women who have been instrumental in the development and progress of the Authority over the decades.

The long-term employees of Trinity River Authority stand out as models of perseverance, loyalty, and passion to their roles in the water industry. The stories they have, the wisdom they've gained, and the industry advancements they've accomplished should be appreciated and available for future research. What they have is valuable and through this Oral History project, the Authority can honor their history and share their legacy.