Voices on the Water

Voices on the Water is a project undertaken by the Trinity River Authority of Texas to capture the stories and legacies of some of its longest-serving employees. This project aims to preserve the history of the Authority while capturing irreplaceable knowledge and wisdom and honoring the legacy of men and women who have been instrumental in the Authority over the decades. TRA partnered with Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas, to capture the first 12 employee interviews and get the project underway.

These employees stand out as models of perseverance, loyalty, and passion for their roles in the water and wastewater industry. The stories they have, the wisdom they've gained, and the industry advancements they've accomplished should be appreciated and made available for future research. What they have is valuable, and through this oral history project, the authority can honor their history and share their legacy.

Sims 2019 Jim Sims Audio Interview
Hear Jim's story and unique perspective from his amazing 50 years of experience at TRA. He was hired May 21, 1973 and retired Sept. 8, 2023. 
54 min.

Listen to Jim Sims' interview:
Access the full transcript here.

Bill Tatum Portrait - Small Bill Tatum Audio Interview
Hear Bill's personal story and wisdom from his more than 50 years of experience at TRA, including 39 years of experience as project manager of CRWS. Bill was hired June of 1972 and was tragically taken from us on Sept. 14, 2023, just five months after this interview was recorded. 
29 min.

Listen to Bill Tatum's interview:

Access the full transcript here.

Interviews coming soon:

  • Bill Holder
  • Carol Claybrook
  • Cathy Sieger
  • David Holquin
  • Dewayne Coburn
  • Edmund Mach
  • Keith Bass
  • Sid McCain
  • Steve Price
  • Warren Brewer