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By 1940, water treatment, primarily filtration and disinfection, had eradicated typhoid fever and cholera in the United States and Canada.

Wastewater Treatment Facilities

At TRA, we are committed to providing clean water for residents of the Trinity River basin.  Doing so not only meets the immediate water needs of the basin's population, but it also helps sustain the overall environmental health of our nearly 18,000-square-mile geographic jurisdiction.  TRA provides clean water for human, environmental and economic well-being through the wastewater treatment process.  Every year, our wastewater treatment effluent improves the water quality of the Trinity River, transforming a water body once referred to as a "river of death" into a valuable resource.

TRA's treatment facilities continue to be recognized by peers in the industry for going above and beyond the call of duty in areas of leadership, management and operations.