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In 2007, TRA's Tarrant County Water Supply System implemented ozone disinfection, a process that improves the taste and odor of treated water.

Red Oak Creek Regional Wastewater System

IMG_8859The Red Oak Creek Regional Wastewater System is a 6.0 MGD treatment plant located immediately southeast of the city of Red Oak on Bells Chapel Road. The facility provides wastewater transportation* and treatment services for all or portions of six cities. The plant is a biological treatment plant utilizing an activated sludge process, and advanced tertiary filtration. Disinfection of the treated wastewater is achieved through ultraviolet (UV) disinfection. The waste solids are dewatered through two centrifuge units and disposed of off-site in a landfill.

ROCRWS was designed to preserve the rural ambiance of the area surrounding the plant site. The plant is sheltered from the road by trees and gently rolling berms, and it features a pastoral landscape design with low-intensity lighting, noise control features and an administration building designed to resemble a country home. Since beginning operations in 1991, the plant has provided a positive environmental impact on the Red Oak Creek ecosystem.

IMG_9110The facility has earned multiple platinum, gold and silver Peak Performance Awards from the National Association of Clean Water Agencies for excellent compliance with its National Pollution Discharge Elimination System permit.

*Transportation denotes the movement of wastewater through pipes from customer cities to the treatment plant.

ROCRWS Numbers FY2024


  • Cedar Hill 
  • Lancaster 
  • DeSoto 
  • Ovilla 
  • Glenn Heights 
  • Red Oak 


Trinity River Authority of Texas
Red Oak Creek Regional Wastewater System
908 Bells Chapel Road, Waxahachie, Texas 75165