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More than 3,700 named streams and rivers flow across more than 80,000 miles of the Texas landscape.

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KevinWardWater means different things to different people. Some people enjoy walks in the rain, while others are transported by memories of their first fishing trip, time at the lake with family or watching the ripples as a rock skips across the water. Water is at the core of what happens at the Trinity River Authority, and we understand that safe, clean water is a necessity, in fact, water is the single-most essential element to life as we know it. TRA reclaims used water at our wastewater treatment facilities and returns it to nature. Our service area footprint stretches along the 18,000-square-mile Trinity River basin where we operate five wastewater treatment plants, four water treatment plants, Lake Livingston dam and reservoir and Wolf Creek Park.

TRA's services improve public health and daily life in the communities we serve. Every day, we improve water quality in the Trinity River, and we stay poised at the forefront of new technologies and innovations that will allow us to continue our clean-water services for years to come.

Whether you are researching a school project, investigating business opportunities or looking for employment, we hope that you find this site interesting and informative, and that it augments your understanding of how important it is to wisely develop, use and conserve our greatest natural resource. Reach out to us if you want to learn more about TRA.

Our path forward will always include our core values: Integrity – Excellence – Accountability – Teamwork – Professionalism

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