Partnerships are key to accomplishing internal and external work that leads best practices within and outside the organization’s service area.

Key National Affiliations

• National Water Resources Association
• National Waterways Conference
• Water Environment Federation
• American Water Works Association

Other National Organizations

• Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies
• National Association of Clean Water Agencies
• Water Industry Sector Advisory Council
• National Water Sector Security Council
• American Society of Civil Engineers
• International Right-of-Way Association

State Regional Planning Groups, Partners

• Region C Regional Planning Group
• Region H Regional Planning Group
• Upper Trinity Water Quality Compact

Key State Organization Involvement

• Trinity-San Jacinto Bay Basin Area Stakeholders Committee
• Galveston Bay Council
• Trinity-San Jacinto Bay Basin Expert Science Team
• Regional Councils of Government
• Texas Emergency GIS Team
• Participation in TCEQ water availability modeling user groups to participate in changes and improvements

State Level Partners/Organizations

• Texas Water Conservation Association
• Water Environment Association of Texas
• Texas American Water Works Association
• Texas Municipal League
• Government Finance Officers Association of Texas
• Government Treasurers of Texas
• Texas Municipal Utility Association
• Texas Water Utilities Association

Security Partners in the Water Industry

• FBI Infragard Members Alliance
• FBI National Infrastructure Coordination Center (NICC)
• North Texas Fusion Center
• Texas Joint Crime Information Center (JCIC)
• Transportation Security Operations Center (TSOC)
• AWWA, WEAT, Water Security Committees
• Department of Homeland Security Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)
• Texas Cybersecurity Council